We have 3 types of courses

1 Swansea University
For independent students, over 18 years old, sports and cultural orientated, accommodation with a British family and meals included. 4 weeks Price of the course £2.200 per person

2 College
For 15 to 17 years old students, sports and cultural orientated. Daily support. Accommodation with a British family or in British Lessons house and meals included. 4 weeks course price £2.200 per person.

3 Private
For all ages, sports and cultural orientated. Stay in British Lessons house, all meals included. 4 weeks course price £2.200 per person.


Swansea University

Our four weeks programme for 18 years old and over, take place in Swansea University. Includes an intensive English language course of three hours a day , Monday to Friday.
Our students are fully enrolled in Swansea University and they can enjoy full access to libraries, computing and sports facilities as well as the students support services.
Accommodation and all the meals are also included in the programme.
At the end of the course, students will be receiving a Swansea University and British Lessons diploma.


For the under 18 years old students, our English language programmes are based in Coleg Sir Gâr.
Our programme includes an intensive English course of three hours per day, Monday to Friday, followed by attending College lessons as a listener. The range of choice goes from engineering, business, psychology, law and medicine, among others. Each course lasts four weeks, in which students will have a full schedule of activities throughout the week. Sports activities are also included in the programme. College offers the practice of sports such as hockey, rugby, golf, football and netball.
Accommodation and meals are included in the programme.
At the end of the course, students will be receiving a College and British Lessons diploma.


Stay and study in our private accommodation. We have a beautiful cottage, built in 1895. All meals are included. You will be able to enjoy the full membership of our club DW Sports, where you’ll find a sport classes, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.
Tennis, golf, ski, rugby, martial arts, among others are also available.

Our lessons

The lesson begins in the classroom with language activities and topic preparation. You will practice the language in the classroom first and then go out with your teacher to use your newly learnt skills. Following this, there is a feedback session with your teacher to discuss the task completed.
Practicing your English language skills after you learn it means that you will remember it more effectively, via practical integration and full immersion in the target language. By gaining a true understanding of how the language really works, you can be more confident in using and applying it outside of class in the real world.

Course outcomes

Students will be more confident and independent.
Students will have improved English language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking).
Students will have more vocabulary, better pronunciation and an increased understanding of grammar.
Students will have experienced a variety of activities and tried new things.
Students will have made international friends.
Students will have a portfolio of work demonstrating progress and experiences

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